21st century Bill of rights



The founders of the United States of America established a Bill of Rights to constitute the values reflected by this great nation and those who reside within. Now, more than 225 years into our nation’s founding, we recognize the current Bill of Rights falls short of securing the full scope of unalienable rights for all people.

Our Constitution is, by design, a living document. Throughout our history, in order to build a more perfect union, our representatives have progressively expanded that document to better define and uphold our rights. However, there remain unaddressed infringements on the promise to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, as laid out in the founding principles of the Declaration of Independence.

Within this Bill of Rights for the 21st Century, we set forth a proclamation to build upon the moral standard for the United States of America, to ensure our laws hold true to the basic tenets of the human rights of individuals and communities above the interests of corporations, governments and other organizations.

The Right to

Justice and Liberty 

for All

All individuals have the right to liberty, justice, and equal protection under the law.

The state must treat these human rights as inviolable and free from impediment. Our judicial system must safeguard fair and equal treatment for all people regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, immigration status or ability to pay. Individuals and corporations with substantial wealth cannot be entitled to greater leniency under the law than those of lesser means. No person should be marginalized based upon identity, and no laws or procedures should adversely target people based on their identities. The government must take active measures to eliminate barriers to all forms of justice and equality.

The Right to

Improve Quality of Life

Every American has a right to pursue a higher quality of life.

The unalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness must be safeguarded by a basic standard of living which includes adequate and safe housing, healthy food, clothing, access to means of transportation, modern tools of communication, and leisure time. Americans who are retired, who have disabilities, or who are providing full-time care for family members with disabilities are entitled to the same basic standard of living as those who work.

The Right to

Self-Determined Governance

Self-determination in governance is a human right.

The right of all people to determine their own governmental system dedicated to human rights, justice for all, and equitable opportunity cannot be impeded by any government or private corporation. We stand in opposition to imperialism, colonialism, and all other violations of the right to self-determination in governance. The United States must not support any other governments that infringe upon the right to self-determination.

The Right to

Equal Participation 

Every citizen of the United States has the right to equal participation in our government.

This right shall not be impeded on the basis of wealth, race, gender, sexuality, religion, ethnic origin, or any other identity. To ensure that all people have access to participation in their own governance, the government must eliminate hegemony by corporate and moneyed interests on our political systems. The government must safeguard rights established by the 1st Amendment to ensure freedom of information, rights to organize, and equal participation in governance. Whistleblowers must be protected to ensure accountability and transparency.

All citizens have the right to seek public office regardless of their means.

The government shall ensure all qualified candidates will be listed on the ballot and able to participate in debates regardless of the practices of private political parties. Qualifications for candidacy shall be determined by demonstrated community support and not by arbitrary fees or rules established by private political parties.

The right to vote is universal to all citizens, 
without regard to race, incarceration, gender, or geography.

All impediments to this right, including gerrymandering and the Electoral College, must be eliminated. Any form of identification required to vote must be provided at no cost to the voter. To ensure equal representation for all United States citizens, all federal territories and the District of Columbia are entitled to the same rights of full Congressional representation as any state in the union, as well as the right to self-determination in seeking statehood.

The Right to

Healthcare & 

Bodily Autonomy

Healthcare is a human right.
All people in the United States must be guaranteed 
all forms of healthcare throughout their lifetime.

Healthcare includes preventive care, evaluations, long-term care for chronic conditions, and the treatment required to maintain all forms of physical and mental health. This right must not be restricted by race, documentation status, ability to pay, incarceration, or any other identifier. The goal of the nation’s healthcare system must be quality preventive care and patient wellness and therefore cannot be reliant on private companies’ profits. The government must pursue solutions to systemic problems affecting public health, including poverty, inadequate housing, environmental contributors to disease, and preventable disease. The government must invest in public infrastructures that employ modern advancements in healthcare technologies, research, and development.

All individuals have the right to make choices 
about their bodies and to bodily autonomy.

The right to self-determination concerning one’s body and health and to disclose or withhold personal health information must not be infringed upon by any law, with the exception of individuals under the legal guardianship of others due to age or disability.

The Right to

A Healthy Environment

All individuals have the right to 
a clean, safe, and sustainable environment.

The survival of humanity is dependent on clean water, clean air, arable land, biodiversity, and a sustainable environment. The United States of America is responsible for protecting our planet for current and future generations. Public officials must take immediate action to address the wide-sweeping impacts of climate change and pollution to safeguard our communities. The federal government must prevent corporations or other public or private interests from exploiting the land, air, and water necessary to safeguard public health.

The Right to


All Individuals Have The Right To A Clean, Safe, And modern housing.
To meet the standards for quality of life, housing provisions shall meet international safe construction standards and include conditions necessary for modern living such as adequate shelter from the elements, cleanliness, sanitation, running water, electricity, modern communications, and adequate space for food preparation, sleeping and recreation. Homelessness is not a crime. The government must eliminate homelessness by providing safe housing to all people who lack the financial means to secure their own, and by cultivating practices to make housing affordable in all communities.

The Right to


A high-quality education is essential to securing 
the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Every individual has the right to a quality public education throughout their entire life. The government shall provide tuition-free education from early childhood, through primary school, public universities, public community colleges, and trade schools. The right to education should not be restricted by race, class, gender, sexuality, disability, financial abilities, or any other identity.

The Right to


Every American who needs a job has a right 
to stable and sustainable employment with a living wage.

The federal minimum wage must be set at a rate that guarantees life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness to all individuals regardless of ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, gender, immigration status, or any other identifier. Wages must be sufficient to secure all basic rights, including adequate and safe housing, food, clothing, access to means of transportation, modern tools of communication, paid family leave, and leisure time. The federal government shall guarantee affordable childcare for all working parents and legal guardians by providing federally funded infant care, early childcare and before and after school programs.

The federal government must ensure and protect the rights of all workers to unionize and organize, regardless of the form of employment, incarcerated status, or immigration status. A Constitutional amendment is necessary to abolish legalized slavery under the 13th Amendment and guarantee incarcerated people fair wages for their work.

The Right to

Safe and Sustainable

Public Infrastructure

All individuals and communities have the right to 
modern, clean, safe and sustainable public infrastructure.

The government must make strides to modernize and maintain our roadways; bridges; telecommunications, agricultural, waste management and water systems; and public properties including but not limited to government facilities, libraries, state and local universities, public schools and public parks. Public infrastructure must be expanded and maintained for the safety and success of all communities.

The right to

ACCESS modern-day communications

Access to modern communications devices and infrastructure is essential for public safety, quality of life, and the rights to employment and education. All people deserve this access unrestricted by corporate influence. The government must guarantee net neutrality and develop broadband infrastructure and telecommunications facilities to guarantee affordable connectivity for all communities.

The Right to

Freedom of Movement

All people have the right to move freely, live, and work throughout the country.

The United States of America must implement an immigration system built on the tenets of human rights which facilitates worker migration, citizenship and immigration documentation regardless of individual net worth, ability to pay, ethnicity, country of origin, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identities.

Agencies and policies focused solely on deportation, detention and suppression of migration, including Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Customs and Border Patrol, border militarization, and the denial of the right to seek asylum must be eliminated.

The Right to


The privacy of individuals must not be infringed upon by the government.

The federal government must safeguard provisions set forth in the 4th Amendment. The government of the United States of America must end all forms of mass surveillance. All individuals must be free from invasive procedures and programs designed to infringe upon individual freedoms of privacy and bodily autonomy.


We the undersigned, in order to form a more perfect Union, put forth in proclamation our commitment and duty to preserve and expand the liberties laid out in our founding documents to guarantee the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all. The rights contained herein are written to strengthen the moral foundation upon which our nation stands. This proclamation serves to expand the definition of basic human rights and freedoms afforded to all people. As citizens of this great nation, it is our sworn duty to strive for, defend, and abide by the rights contained herein.


Our mission is to elect regular working people to Congress, who put people before party, to make government more accountable, and responsive to the needs of all Americans.