More Than a Number

A photo showing protesters from a March Black Lives Matter Rally, including Adrienne Bell, Executive Director of Brand New Congress

Today marks two years since the murder of George Floyd. These deaths are more than numbers. These are family. They are loved, and they are deeply missed.

They call it redistricting.

They call it redistricting. We call it voter suppression. From the beginning, our campaign for New Jersey’s 10th Congressional District has focused on New Jersey’s ballot design and how the political machine here uses it to stay in power. But instead of being ashamed, the establishment has doubled down on its losing strategy of dirty […]

Owning My Power

a gen Z collage recoginzing the hard work of our ciivil rights icons of the past, which have allowed the other activisits pictured to do the most impactful work of a generation.

Owning My Power LEADING MYSELF FOR THE SUCCESS I WANT TO SEE. A GEN-Z MINDSET. When I was a little bit younger I would always see my parents watch the news. I’d be in the background hearing and seeing everything going on, thinking, “What if I could be a representative? What if I could be […]

Out of the Shadows

It was October 11, 1992. I was in Washington D.C. for the annual displaying of the AIDS Quilt and organizing for the upcoming National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay rights.

As I stood there on the National Mall, surrounded by people grieving the partners and friends they had lost to AIDS, it hit me like a freight train.

I could no longer deny who I was.

It was the whips

Images of white men on horseback as U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents as they chased down Haitian asylum seekers on horseback and whipped them.

Seeing whips in the hands of federal agents, used against poor Black folks, affected me in a visceral way.
How quickly we went from “Refugees are welcome here,” to this. This week the world was rocked by these photos out of my home state of Texas, showing U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents as they chased down Haitian asylum seekers on horseback.

Let this be the death of Imperialism.

Let this be the death of imperialism. Brand New Congress Statement on Afghanistan.

Brand New Congress Let this be the death of imperialism The heartbreaking and infuriating situation presently unfolding in Afghanistan is the predictable result of more than 40 years of American imperialism in action. We at Brand New Congress believe we must embrace this moment to confront hard truths about our conduct as a nation, and […]