They call it redistricting.

They call it redistricting. We call it voter suppression. From the beginning, our campaign for New Jersey’s 10th Congressional District has focused on New Jersey’s ballot design and how the political machine here uses it to stay in power. But instead of being ashamed, the establishment has doubled down on its losing strategy of dirty […]

Owning My Power

a gen Z collage recoginzing the hard work of our ciivil rights icons of the past, which have allowed the other activisits pictured to do the most impactful work of a generation.

Owning My Power LEADING MYSELF FOR THE SUCCESS I WANT TO SEE. A GEN-Z MINDSET. When I was a little bit younger I would always see my parents watch the news. I’d be in the background hearing and seeing everything going on, thinking, “What if I could be a representative? What if I could be […]