Rage Against the Machine

Brand New Congress candidate Imani Oakley, running for New Jersey's 10th Congressional District, is pictured with her arms crossed, smiling confidently, in front of the steps leading up to a building. The caption reads "Rage against the machine. Oakley takes on New Jersey's corrupt ballot design"

Brand New Congress Rage against the machine Oakley takes on New Jersey’s corrupt ballot design Picture yourself going to vote. You give your name to the helpful volunteer, you wait until you’re directed to a booth, you step in, and you look at the ballot in front of you. You see each office you’re voting […]

Will I Be Next?

Will I Be Next? Although February is Black History Month, we cannot celebrate fully yet. The United States has moved on from slavery and segregation, we still have a long way to go. We still have not seen full justice yet. It is evident that we are still experiencing racism in our justice system. Black […]

No celebration Without legislation

No celebration without legislation Today, on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Brand New Congress joins Dr. King’s family in their call to action issued to Congress. Today, we celebrate the service, leadership, and legacy of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. In the face of the worst sustained assault on voting rights since the passage […]

Welcome to the New Jim Crow

Republicans are trying to break up historically Black communities to dilute our votes. But we are not backing down. Odessa Kelly writes for BNC.

We are not okay.

It’s been one year since the January 6th insurrection, but our democracy is still hanging in the balance. We can’t afford to wait for Insurrection 2.0.

They call it redistricting.

They call it redistricting. We call it voter suppression. From the beginning, our campaign for New Jersey’s 10th Congressional District has focused on New Jersey’s ballot design and how the political machine here uses it to stay in power. But instead of being ashamed, the establishment has doubled down on its losing strategy of dirty […]

Let’s Be Sure to Offer our Veterans More Than Just Praise.

Let’s be sure to offer our veterans more than just praise. By Jessica Mason, Candidate for Congress, TX-30 As a former Navy member myself, with a husband in active duty, I’m truly honored to have served alongside my fellow military sisters and brothers. Additionally, I’d like to extend my sincere condolences to the surviving friends […]

This Veterans Day, Don’t Just Thank Us, Fight Alongside Us for Change

Brand New Congress This Veterans Day, Don’t Just Thank Us, Fight Alongside Us for Change Note: This is a repost of Brittany’s OpEd published by the Staten Island Advance on 11-11-2021. When I returned from a year-long Army combat deployment in Afghanistan, I landed in Staten Island and it has been my chosen home ever […]

What is Land Back

The Red Land Back flag flies in a smokey blue sky

What is land back? Honor Indigenous Peoples’ Day By Joining The Land Back Movement GUEST AUTHOR The Land Back Movement is gaining momentum in the progressive community, and it’s led to many difficult conversations. Many are still grappling to understand the goals of the movement. Some are fearful of what it means, others simply curious. […]