The leadership Team

Adrienne Bell

Executive Director

Adrienne has been with BNC since the beginning, as a BNC endorsed candidate and the Democratic Nominee for the 14th Congressional District in Texas in 2018 and 2020. In addition to being the Executive Director of Brand New Congress, Adrienne is an educator in Texas and is committed to improving student outcomes in Math education. Her advocacy includes fighting for bold progressive changes in Criminal Justice Reform, Housing, Medicare for All, and Climate Change. She is unapologetic in her belief that our fight is for the people, and not for corporations.

Troy Hewitt

Deputy Executive Director


Troy joined Brand New Congress in 2018.  Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Troy has been a lifelong activist and civil rights advocate, from marriage equality to social and racial justice issues. Troy began his public service with the development of late-night teen programs serving thousands of young people weekly, in addition to youth leadership programs, and fine arts and communications programming for teens through print and radio. Troy now works as an online communications strategist and digital community building consultant for political campaigns, AAA video game studios, and tabletop roleplay publishers.

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Cory Archibald (She/Her)
Interim Communications Director
Cory served 4 years as Chair of the Board of Directors until August 2021, now serving as the Interim Communications Director.

She oversees BNC daily comms for social media, emails, and blogging. Cory also works with BNC candidates to develop their campaign comms and public relations strategy. In addition to volunteering with BNC, Cory works as a comms and fundraising strategist for progressives, is a longtime animal rescuer, and lives overseas with her husband and their numerous rescue dogs and cats.
hubert res
Hubert Jones, Jr Creative Director
Hubert is the Creative Director at BNC, where he oversees graphic design. He creates and delivers graphics for candidate announcements and social media posts on all platforms.

When he is not doing graphic design at BNC, he is creating graphics for his own business, Precision Graphix Group and helping to manage his wife's photography studio, The Nellie Rose. He currently lives in Houston, TX with his wife and three children.
Ginny Bateman (She/Her)
Helpdesk Lead
Ginny is the Helpdesk Lead where she and her team respond to emails sent in to BNC. She also assists with Candidate Recruitment. When she isn't volunteering at BNC she also enjoys swimming, yoga, cooking for friends, and learning piano. She lives in Plainfield, IL outside of Chicago and loves it when she can be with her two kids.

Board of directors

Chris Noble Board Chair
Chris Noble is an attorney based out of Columbus, OH. Fresh out of law school, Chris worked with Brand New Congress and Justice Democrats from 2017-2018 as a Policy Strategist before returning to his hometown to practice law. Chris now works at the Private Equity Stakeholder Project, a watchdog organization that tracks private equity investment activity and its effects on communities.

In Columbus, Chris regularly volunteers as a legal observer to safeguard members of his community exercising their 1st amendment right to protest. Chris returned to Brand New Congress in October 2019 to join as a member of the board, assuming the office of Secretary. Subsequently, he was elected Chair in August 2021.
chardo Headshot
Chardo Richardson Board of Directors
Following 12 years of military service, amassing 3000 flight and combat hours, Chardo relocated to Florida where he obtained a Juris Doctorate. He currently serves as the Executive Director of Seminole UniServ, an umbrella organization representing four public school labor unions. As Executive Director, Chardo is the chief negotiator for the local public school unions in Seminole County, Florida, responsible for the day-to-day business and staff operations, and serving as a professional liaison and representative to the public school system.

In 2018, Chardo was nominated by his community and asked by Brand New Congress to run for Florida’s 7th congressional district. He joined the slate as one of BNC’s inaugural candidates alongside Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Cori Bush, and others. In 2018 he also joined the board of Brand New Congress to help guide the organization’s strategic vision in service of working class candidates.