Welcome to the new Jim Crow

Republicans are trying to break up historically Black communities to dilute our votes. But we are not backing down.

For over 200 years, the city of Nashville, Tennessee has existed within a single congressional district with one member of Congress representing the city.

Over the years our city has grown more diverse, but our representatives have not.

That’s why I launched my campaign for Congress to represent this district, and I’m proud to have the support of Brand New Congress.

But last week we learned that Republicans in the Tennessee legislature are planning to break up Nashville into THREE districts in the new Congressional maps.

The Tennessee GOP is showing us exactly what happens when white supremacists are given the power and tools to destroy our democracy. Dividing up Nashville is an intentional attempt to dilute the voices of Black and Brown voters in Tennessee and destroy a progressive, Democratic stronghold in our state.

It’s no coincidence that when the first openly gay Black woman is mounting the most serious challenge to win this district, they want to break it up.

“Last month, Jim Cooper begged Republican lawmakers not to splinter his territory at the same time that Odessa Kelly, executive director of Stand Up Nashville, upended fundraising records established by the representative’s past primary challengers.”
The Intercept
Son of the South, Dec 23, 2021

So we are fighting back.

Watch my message to the lawmakers who have influence over this decision, and to the people of Tennessee. Then rush a split contribution between me and Brand New Congress to show that this people-powered movement to transform the South isn’t going anywhere.

We ain’t backing down because it ain’t in our DNA. When we claim our power in this country, the image of this country changes. That’s how we make our country — our home — work for all of us, not just for a wealthy few.

If you’re with us, split a contribution between me and Brand New Congress right now so we can keep up the fight.

Odessa Kelly
Odessa Kelly

Odessa Kelly is the Executive Director of Stand Up Nashville and a Brand New Congress candidate running in Tennessee’s 5th Congressional District representing Nashville.